spinal biomechanics in swimming

Spinal Biomechanics in Swimming

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Spinal biomechanics in swimming, aren’t they the darnedest! As I review my mentoring notes, I commonly cross bits of information which I happily translate into swimming biomechanics. In preparation for my spinal biomechanics, prevention, and rehabilitation lecture I encountered a few interesting notes. Now it is important to keep in mind, a lot of the research on spinal mechanics is performed …

does swimming build muscle

Does Swimming Build Muscle

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Brad Schoenfeld and Bret Contreras have been discussing these topics in great detail, so if you want more information, please see the related reading below for further reading. This article will outline the three mechanisms for muscle growth and provide some insight on this importance for swimmers. Many realize gaining strength, in swimming, or any avenue requires overloading the muscle with added …

Swimmer's Guide to Knee Pain in Swimming

Swimmer’s Guide to Knee Pain in Swimming

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Knee pain is the third most common injured areas for swimmers. Rovere (1985) noted 87% of swimmers examined had a history of at least one episode of knee pain. PFPS isn’t the only condition which can occur at the knee for breaststroke swimmers, but is the most common from my experience. Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) affects the kneecap and surrounding area. …

Swimmers vs. Bodybuilders

Swimmers vs. Bodybuilders

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Hell, head to the DMV and you will find many individuals which are bigger than me because they eat and get bigger (most likely have cardiovascular disease or type II diabetes, but that’s erroneous in this case). However, you often times do not see a little guy performing immaculate feats of strength on a regular basis. Who doesn’t remember Gil …

Post-Activation Potentiation for Swimmers

Post-Activation Potentiation for Swimmers

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I have competitive experience mainly as sprinter and some some experience in soccer and judo. I started to work as coach and consultant for different populations (endurance and team sport athletes, soccer referees, fire-fighters aspirants, etc.) in 2002 after the completion of the Bachelor in Sport and Exercise Sciences. From 2003, I started with my post-graduate formation that finished in …

Does Variability Enhance Motor Learning

Does Variability Enhance Motor Learning in Swimming?

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Many instructors, coaches, and therapists are interested in the question – “does introducing movement variability during practice facilitate learning?” Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not likely yes or no. It is important to move away from the notion of considering variability as a static term because it is possible to introduce variability during practice in multiple ways, which …

Should swimmers do lunges

Should Swimmers do Lunges

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One of the biggest benefits of dry-land is helping prevent the repetitive demands of swimming. Unfortunately, many breaststroke swimmers [learn how to swim the breaststroke] already have a lot of repetitive stress on their medial knee structures, causing lax ligaments, which can be perpetuated by poor lunge biomechanics [Ryan Lochte’s Knee MCL Rehabilitation] . To ensure proper form, safe progressions …

stroke flaws common in collegiate swimmers

Biomechanical Flaws Are Common in College Swimmers

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Elite swimmers are believed to have ideal biomechanics, yet many in the swimming community recognize these swimmers have flaws. This study analyzed one collegiate team’s swimming. Virag (2014) analyzed thirty-one collegiate swimmers (~20 years; ~179.17 cm; ~75.43 kg) from the University of North Carolina participated in this study. Swimmers who could not complete entire practices due to pain were excluded in …

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Sprint Swimming Stroke Rate in Elite Swimmers

Sprint Swimming Stroke Rate in Elite Swimmers

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“Some people don’t have the guts for distance racing. The polite term for them is sprinters.” In swimming, proper biomechanics are essential for success. Yet, the biomechanical factors that affect success are numerous and vary between people. An individual stroke is influenced by anthropometry; range of motion; aquatic signature (level of buoyancy and balance); the level of anxiety when first …