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How Much Protein to Consume During Swim Practice

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Take-Home Points on Swim Practice Protein Intake: As an athlete exercises, skeletal muscle is broken down, this is known as catabolism.  Conversely, when protein is ingested, skeletal muscle is synthesized, or grown. This is known as anabolism. The catabolic/anabolic balance, or the balance between break down, and growth, determines long-term muscle gains or losses.  In essence, you never have exactly the …

Hyperoxic Recovery in Elite Swimmers

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Hyperoxic Recovery in Elite Swimmers Oxygen is essential for recovery and breathing more frequently is believed to improve endurance capacity. In swimming, repeated exercise bouts are typically performed in meets and practice requiring a lot of oxygen for recovery. Hyperoxia (respiration of air containing a higher partial pressure of oxygen than regular air) enhances the level of arterial hemoglobin saturation …

Acute Effects of Ammonia Inhalants on Strength and Power Performance in Trained Men.

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Abstract on Acute Effects of Ammonia Inhalants on Strength and Power Performance in The aim of the present study was to investigate the influence of ammonia inhalants on lower body power and maximal isometric strength in trained men. Twenty experienced resistance trained men (age = 26.7 ± 3.7 y; body weight = 80.59 ± 9.0 kg; body height = 179.5 ± …