10 Strategies to Help Improve Swimming Times

10 Strategies to Help Improve Swimming Times

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You just can’t find a logical explanation for your poor performance and this new situation is getting to you. You were setting new personal records on your swimming times only a couple of seasons ago, whereas you can’t even get close to those old times nowadays. It does not necessarily mean the training provided is incorrect. There could be countless …

Ultimate Guide to Resisted Swimming Training

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I remember at Purdue, we used the rack and I loved it! 🙂 It was challenging and different, I felt it helped me connect my stroke. Sure, this is anecdotal but whether it physiologically or psychologically worked, I felt there was a benefit. Despite feeling it worked in college, once I began researching the topic, many questions popped up like: …

A Swimmers State Of Mind: Do you have the Right Swimming Mental Attitude?

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The greatest factor affecting whether or not you set a great time and achieve your goals in a competition or during swimming training can sometimes be found in your own mind. The secret is how easily you can focus on the objective. Excessive nervousness, overzealous expectations, and fear of your rivals could be more than enough reasons to lose concentration. …

Eggbeater Biomechanics

Eggbeater Biomechanics

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Water polo differs from swimming as vertical floating and the eggbeater kick allow players to take position and do all the technical movements required, including dribbling and throwing. Players need to focus on different body parts at the same time when floating in vertical position. You need appropriate training to enhance your floating skills. It’s important to master the skill …

Yards Swimming getting faster

Why is Yards Swimming Getting Faster?

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Approximately eight years ago, FINA banned high-tech suits. Personally, I felt the suits needed some regulation, but I liked them. I thought it allowed more suit companies to compete and create an exciting element to the sport. In addition, it helped athletes with yards swimming. The suits were banned with one amusing thought of keeping their prices down for the …

40 Must Do Katie Ledecky Training Secrets

40 Must Do Katie Ledecky Training Secrets

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What are the secrets behind Katie Ledecky’s dominance? At last year’s ASCA World Clinic, Coach Bruce Gemmell provided some insight of Katie Ledecky training. The full presentation is available on the ASCA Website. One take home that’s hard to emphasize in print is how much attention was given to her semi final 3rd place finish in the 200m freestyle at World Championships last …

how to win your next 100 m swimming race

How to win your next 100-meter swimming race in four steps

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When starting the process of periodization for the year ahead, one of the most important considerations for your swimming team will be setting new goals. Knowing precisely what you want to achieve in the future can help your coach decide what kinds of training activity are needed for every micro-, meso- and macro-cycle. Of course, periodization for your swimming team …

All You Need to Know About Open Water

All You Need to Know About Open Water Swimming with Roberto Baldassarre

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Below is an excellent interview with Roberto Baldassarre on open water swimming. Roberto Baldassarre breaks down all you need to know about open water swimming. His answers are focused around one of his recent research articles: Here is his complete body of work and his team at the University of Rome. Certainly, the number of participants of open-water swimming events has …

long-course swimming

The Differences Between Long-Course and Short-Course Swimming

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During springtime, many swimmers transition from winter short course training and racing into summer long course season.  Though some teams have the option to alternate long course and short course throughout the year, others swim exclusively in one swimming pool setup regardless of the current competitive season.   We all know that SCY and LCM feel extremely different and have different …

The Science Behind Hand Paddles

The Science Behind Hand Paddles

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The science behind hand paddles is still relatively unknown despite their ubiquity on pool decks and the extensive research and design behind their creation.  Some coaches and swimmers treat them like poison, as paddles may aggravate cranky shoulders or make swimmers pay dearly for flaws in stroke mechanics (McMaster 1993). Others treat them like an addictive drug as paddles can …