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I’m GJohn Mullen, creator of SwimSci. If you desire to learn more about swimming, improve your swimming, or make your swim team, but don’t know where to start, this page is for you.
My belief in helping you learn is simple: Share the truth, be honest, work hard, and lead by example. That’s what I’m all about, and that’s what SPI is all about.

What is Swim Sci?


In my experience, the swimming community lacks scientific and educational transparency—and what I focus on here at SwimSci—is the following:
Improving swimming performance that take account scientific and practical application molded together.
In other words, we mold practical and scientific information.
Instead, of just being scientific know it alls or coaches who do it one way because that is how it has been done, we attempt to mold scientific and practical information, with the goal of bring clarity to swimming performance and making faster swimming.

What SwimSci is NOT


Let’s dispel some myths and set realistic expectations before we go any deeper.
Understanding the factors which influence swimming is NOT easy! Being fast as swimming combines numerous factors ranging from swimming training, psychology, genetics, strength, etc. No one knows all these areas and we will never understand all the factors or be able to influence all the factors for elite swimming performance. Instead, we are trying to provide information on all these areas to help performance.
Improving elite swimming is NOT easy! Improving swimming early on in a swimming career is easy, but not for elite swimmers. Therefore, finding the factor which is limiting success is key, then monitoring improvement is key.
Improving swimming is NOT impossible! With that said, improving swimming at any level is possible. However, identifying all the factors which may limit performance, than providing an intervention for improvement, followed by evaluation is key!

Swim Sci Essential #1
Improving Biomechanics

Biomechanics play the largest role for swimming success. Unlike other sports, water provides great resistance in the pool, therefore improving biomechanics is key for success.
There are numerous tools and aides for improving biomechanics. I feel FINIS has the best tools and devices for helping correct swimming biomechanics. Now, these tools won’t fix things automatically, it requires a lot of time, energy, and mental focus. However, it is possible! Just remember, to have a rationale behind using a certain tool, don’t just use drills and equipment for filling time, have a purpose.
FINIS 25% off discount with code ‘swimsci’ enjoy!

SwimSci Essential # 2
Tracking Practice

Next step for improving performance is tracking variables. This goes for swimmers and coaches. Swimmers are responsible for tracking goals, practices, and performance.
Coaches are responsible for tracking practices, performance, and performance variables.
Remember, if it isn’t measured, it isn’t deemed important. Monitor, self-reflect and improve!

SwimSci Essential # 3
Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is a key component for success for swimming. Clearly, there are methods for injury prevention, which I’m currently doing cutting edge research. It is a shame, but injuries will happen, but early recognition and prevention are necessary for improvement. The shoulder is the most common injured body part, get your copy of the Swimmer’s Shoulder System.
Also, staying strong and mobile with proper dryland is key for staying healthy. This is why I created Dryland for Swimmers. Get 25% off these products!


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I’m here for you as both a guide and as a fellow swimming enthusiast!
I want to hear your stories. I want to know how else I can help you. I want to know your Swim Sci experience. That’s how we all learn and grow together, including me.
I do my best to respond to emails. I treat everyone equally. And I firmly believe that I’m not special, just a normal guy who enjoys working hard and loves swimming.